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CSS Interface Redundancy

Is it possible to configure interface redundancy so that if 1 interface on the master CSS fails, it fails over all interfaces configured on the master css, effectively failing over the whole box if there is an interface failure.


Re: CSS Interface Redundancy

If you are running box-to-box redundancy, you can apply the "redundancy-phy" command to the interfaces that you'd like to trigger a failover.

If you are running vip/interface redundancy, the redundancy-phy command does not apply.

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Re: CSS Interface Redundancy

We are not running box to box redundancy, We are using virtual routers, we would like to failover all interfaces if one should fail.

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Re: CSS Interface Redundancy

This concept of failing over all virtual routers when a single fails is what is referred to as "fate sharing". Typically it is done by configuring identical critical services to all virtual routers on a CSS. This is sufficient for the vast majority of installations.

There are some rare situations where this will not be the best solution. In software version 7.3 a new feature called "VRID Peering" was introduced. You can tie multiple routers together so they are bound. This would be similiar to HSRP tracking on a Cisco router.

You can read about fate sharing at the following link:

You can read about VRID Peering at the following link:

Hope this helps...



Re: CSS Interface Redundancy

Another way to account for this if your traffic volume allows, would be to trunk both/all of your circuits over a single physical interface. I do this on one of my gigabit interfaces and it works well with VIP/Int redundancy.

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