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CSS keepalive not accurately closing connections with HTTP 1.1

I have an issue where CSS is still sending requests to a server even though it has detected through the keepalive page that the server should be offline.

My setup is that I have front end webservers accessing an XML webservices backend through a CSS. There are 4 backend servers. Once per hour these backend servers need to rebuild some internal data, and when they do so they set their keepalive page to dead (the backend servers do this rebuild in a round-robin fashion so there are always at least 3 live backend servers). The problem is that the front end webservers connect to the backend servers using HTTP 1.1, which uses persistent TCP connections. It appears that the CSS won't kill these persistent connections and will still send traffic to the dead backend servers. Is there any way to get around this problem? The backend servers are written in java which completely abstracts away the http 1.1 persistent connections mechanism.

Cisco Employee

Re: CSS keepalive not accurately closing connections with HTTP 1

you need a new command that was very recently added.

The ability for the CSS11500 to send a TCP RST on a server failure has been added via the new content rule command:

[no] flow-srvdown-reset

Check the following ddts for more information: CSCek56915


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