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CSS keepalives

Is there anyway of seeing what http response is being returned to a HTTP keepalive on a service. The problem I am having is that the service in question is down. If I change it to a tcp keepalive it comes up. The website is then available. If I use httplook I get a 200 OK. So I can't work out what's keeping the http keepalive down. The site does enforce the use of cookies, and you get an error stating that they muse be enabled, but I still get a 200, so that should be ok I would expect... any help much appreciated.

New Member

Re: CSS keepalives

Hello Jon,

Could you please upload the service configuration?

The best way to see what is happening with the keepalive is get a capture between the CSS and the serve. You can use ethereal or wireshark on your server and get the capture.

You will see what the server is responding.

- Rodrigo

New Member

Re: CSS keepalives

unfortunatly, This is a remote platform, and the customer is not exactly helpfull. I was wondering if the CSS could give me any insite on what its getting back from the server.

Cisco Employee

Re: CSS keepalives

you can try something like this :

CSS11503-2(debug)# icp probe service linux1 "/index.html"

Probing KeepAlive probe (11)

IP Address:

Port: 80

URL: /index.html

HTTP Version: 1.1

Server Model: Apache/2.0.46 (Red Hat)

Server Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 11:23:32 GMT

HEAD Response: 200 OK

HEAD Support: Yes

Persistence: Yes

Keep-Alive: Yes

Request Depth: 14

TBR: 44

Hash: 2441da7f68a265f8cfb4426b6897ce33

Connect Time: 2 ms

Rqst/Rsp Time: 2 ms

Pipeline: No


See what it gives you.

But a full sniffer trace and the config would be necessary to really understand the problem.


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