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CSS Load Balance Help

Hi there,

I need a help, and I have this following situation:

*My Service is web and its listen TCP ports - 443 Https and 80 http

*The port 443 is only used to login and after its login all web requisitions are by port 80 www

*We have 02 services running and we want a VIP in order to serve the 02 ports mentioned.

*The access persistency must occurs in the CSS. A same client requisition on port 80 or 443 must redirect the user to the same server already answered the login requisition in the https login

Is tehre any configuration possible to do in order to accomplish that?

Any help is welcome.


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Re: CSS Load Balance Help

Message Addendum: Any cisco web site reference will be appreciated.

CSS model and OS version:

CSS_01# show ver

Version: sg0730106 (

Flash (Locked):

Flash (Operational):


Licensed Cmd Set(s): Standard Feature Set

CSS_01# show chassis

Configuration for CSS11503-AC E0:

Product Name: CSS11503-AC E0 SW Version:

Serial Number: JAB0831L01G Base Mac Address: 00-11-92-d1-60-9f

Slot Number Module Name Status

1 CSS5-SCM-2GE primary

2 CSS5-IOM-2GE primary

3 empty slot

4 CSS503-SM-INT powered-on

Slot / Port Name Status

1/1 SCM-2GE online

1/2 SCM-2GE online

2/1 IOM-2GE online

2/2 IOM-2GE online


Re: CSS Load Balance Help

If both servers are listening om port 80 & 443 then you can use a layer 3 rule and SRC Ip based stickiness to achieve this

service server1

ip address


service server2

ip address


content WWW

vip address

add service server1

add service server2

balance leastconn

advanced−balance sticky−srcip


The other option you have is to (If you want to use layer4 + rules) Configure the servers in both port 80 rule and port 443 rule in the same order and use "balance srcip". The balance srcip should hash the

client requests to the same server. In a steady state this works fine but if the servers go up/down then the hash is recalculated which may cause clients to end up at a different server...

Hope it helps

Syed Iftekhar Ahmed

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Re: CSS Load Balance Help

Tks a lot Syed, could you please send me a web link with an example like that or something else?

yks in advance.

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Re: CSS Load Balance Help


Pardon my ignorance, but does this mean the CSS is now acting just as a L3 load balancer? So irrespective of which ports come in they get sent to server 1 or server 2 depending on which has the least connections?

I ask as I have a situation where the client originally specified WWW traffic should go to one of the four AV Webwashers. However, they have now asked that other traffic besides WWW traffic is incorporated and load balanced and I am unsure how to do this on the CSS. (Its not a product I have used much and most examples seem to indicate services must be used)

Thanks for any help.

Kind regards


Re: CSS Load Balance Help

You can find lots of CSS config examples

Syed Iftekhar Ahmed

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