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CSS Performance Stats

Can you provide the reference for these CSS performance metrics:

Max Connections per second

Packets per second

Sticky Table entries

SSL throughput


Re: CSS Performance Stats

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Re: CSS Performance Stats

Thank you, Syed! While this data sheet contains max concurrent connections, it does not contain a measurement for connection per second or flow per second. For instance, the ACE 4710 and ACE module offer 120,000 and 325,000 connections per second, respectively. I'm looking for similar info on the CSSs. Thanks again.


Re: CSS Performance Stats

From my notes

L4 conns/sec

CSS11501 -- 7,500

CSS11503 -- 22,500

CSS11506 -- 45,000

L7 conns/sec

CSS11501 -- 3300

CSS11503 -- 10,000

CSS11506 -- 20,000

SSL throughput

CSS11501 -- 245 Mbps

CSS11503 -- 490 Mbps

CSS11506 -- 980 Mbps

The total number of entries in the CSS sticky table depends on the size of

the CPU memory.

� The CSS 11501 supports a 128K sticky table (288 MB of CPU memory).

� The CSS 11503 and 11506 supports either a 128K or 32K sticky table,

depending on whether the System Control module (SCM) has 288 MB or 144 MB of

memory. With 288 MB of memory, the CSS supports a 128K sticky table. With

144 MB of memory, the CSS supports a 32K sticky table.


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Re: CSS Performance Stats

Wow, thanks again Syed. Would you mind providing the references? If unable, I understand. I assembled such stats a couple of years back for another client when comparing CSS to ACE. I think I even had to involve TAC as they weren't so readily available. I no longer have those notes. Thanks again, and happy load balancing!

Re: CSS Performance Stats

These were from my notes..

I gather such info from TAC/Networkers presentations/datasheets/Internet.

You can use the following for CSS sticky entries

Syed Iftekhar Ahmed


Cisco Employee

Re: CSS Performance Stats

Hello, I would like to enquire on CSS11501: what is the latency/propagation delay for this product? I can't seem to find it in our intranet.


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