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CSS "Master --> Backup" config sync issue (commit_vip_redundancy)


I'm experiencing a strange behaviour when syncronizing my master CSS with the backup one. Both CSS are 11506.

Initial situation is:

- everything is running fine

- CSS A is master for all virtual routers / VIP

- CSS B is backup

- ISC link is up

- APP session is up

On the master CSS (A), I run the commit_vip_redundancy script (see debug output attached). The script runs fine and returns with a "commit successful".

However, on the backup CSS (B), I can see the following lines in the log file:

2 OCT 06:58:58 1/1 96540 NETMAN-4: vipr config sync : Script Execution BEGINNING

2 OCT 06:58:58 1/1 96541 NETMAN-4: vipr config sync : re-configuration BEGINNING on system

2 OCT 06:58:59 1/1 96542 APP-4: APP: Peer IP address session going to state APP_SESSION_DOWN

2 OCT 06:59:02 1/1 96543 NETMAN-2: Enterprise:Service Transition:upstream-downstream -> down


2 OCT 06:59:15 1/1 96845 NETMAN-5: Enterprise:ISC State Change:UP, port-1 fail = None, port-2 fail = No Interface Assigned

2 OCT 06:59:15 1/1 96846 NETMAN-5: Enterprise:ISC State Change:UP, port-1 fail = No Interface Assigned, port-2 fail = No Interface Assigned

2 OCT 06:59:15 1/1 96847 SYSSOFT-4: ISC link is DOWN

2 OCT 06:59:15 1/1 96848 NETMAN-5: Enterprise:ISC State Change:DOWN, port-1 fail = (null), port-2 fail = No Interface Assigned

What I'm concerned about is the "upstream-downstream" critical service going down, causing all my virtual routers to go down as well (hence all my services go down on B side). Also, the ISC link goes down and up during the script syncronization.

I have no clue whether this behaviour is normal or not.

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance.

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