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CSS - "weight 0" for aca or weightedrr ONLY?

I understand from the documentation that the "weight" command in a service only affects rules with "balance aca" or "balance weightedrr". Does this also extend to the use of "weight 0" to perform a graceful shutdown of a service? In other words, if my content rule is roundrobin, will it still stop sending new connectons to the service that has the "weight 0" configured?


Re: CSS - "weight 0" for aca or weightedrr ONLY?

The weight is a concept that applies to round robin (roundrobin) or weighted round robin (weightedrr) only.

ACA is a load balance algorithm that prefers servers with better response times, over

servers with worse response times. The CSS would use normalized average response times

from synchronize/start (SYN) to finish (FIN) of the TCP connections between clients and

servers to determine a load value for each server. As the load value increases for a

server, the less requests ACA sends to it.

You can assign a weight on the content rules with the add service page1 weight

command or assign it on the service configuration with weight

. If both are specified the one configured on the content rule takes


The weight value is an integer from 0 to 10. 1 is the default and 0 would put the service is graceful shutdown.

If you configure service a with a value 1 and service b with a value of 3, it means

that for every connection sent to service a, 3 connections would be sent to b.

Configure the weight on the content rule if you are using weightedrr.

Here are more details about the load balance methods and the weight command:

Load balance methods:

Weight command:

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