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CSS resets certain HTTP requests

We have few servers whose default gateway is the load the balancer. Even though no services/VIP's configured for these servers they cross the Load balancer to access other was working fine until recently wherein these connections got dropped out..


from one of the servers which is behind the load balancer, we tried to access our internal sharepoint and it fails. When sniffed, we found the connection was reset before even it is established. When we bypass the load balancer, we are able to access the portal..Not sure why the LB drops these requests (that too, only specific Http requests) from these servers..

H:\>wget http://sharepoint

--09:39:47-- http://sharepoint/

=> `index.html.3'

Resolving sharepoint...

Connecting to sharepoint||:80... connected.

HTTP request sent, awaiting response... (connection reset by peer) Headers

Cisco Employee

Re: CSS resets certain HTTP requests


Is hard to say what is going on, did you change anything on the config recently?

Are you able to provide the CSS showtech and the trace where you see the issue, also a network diagram. It would be useful to know:

1. Server's IP and network (VLAN)

2. Destination server's IP and network

3. Is there any device in between the CSS and the backend servers?

4. What other URLs are having issues?


Cisco Employee

Re: CSS resets certain HTTP requests

I would say make sure the return traffic goes through the CSS.

Get a sniff frontend and backend and share with us if you still can't find the problem.


Community Member

Re: CSS resets certain HTTP requests


I was on medical leave..will check this and come back if the problem still persist..thanks for your help.

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