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CSS response time


CSS used as web services loadbalancing, go alive to operation, and work smoothly.

few days ago doing test for CSS performance and response time.

the front end test client IP same subnet with CSS VIP, and backend real web servers (

and the CSS loadbalance default "roundrobin".

from client do web service test.

first, client to L4 Load Balance target VIP ( , and flow dispatch to real web server.

second, client directly To access single real web01 (, flow bypass L4 VIP.

Both run 10,50,100 connections test

method: run /home/www/_util/script/ $connection

used wget background,and enable debug,query homepage index.phtml,and report to /tmp/strain_L4


1. when connection count "10" ,L4 Load Balance average response 0.8 sec.; directly access web01 response time 1.5 sec.

2. when connection count "50" ,L4 Load Balance average response time 0.4 ~ 21.5 sec.; directly access web01 response 4.5 +-3 sec.

3. when connection count "100", L4 Load Balance average response time from 0.5 ~ to timeout (shown html tag,no timer ticket) ; directly access web01 response time 5.5 +- 3sec ,no timeout.

note: when timeout , server /var/log/httpd/error_log.1 has error message " PHP Fatal erro : pdo_oci_handle_factory: ORA-12535" on these servers log file.

Compare with client directly access real server (bypass CSS), there is no "timeout" and reponse more guickly.

Based on this result, when test 100 connections, there is large amount connection need L4 VIP service in short term, flow has "timeout" happened, and response time is more longer. And caused server report error "PHP Fatal erro : pdo_oci_handle_factory: ORA-12535".

it seems quite not reasonable for CSS loadbalance performance and response time, but how to explain ?

Please help to verify and any solution to improve.

Thank you.


Cisco Employee

Re: CSS response time

how do you guarantee the response from the server goes back to the CSS ?

Can we see your complete config ?

What software version do you use ?



New Member

Re: CSS response time


If response go back CSS, will not get message ORA-12535 error.

config and verion attached.



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