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CSS Reverse Proxy Rule problem if caches suspended breaks web site


Another perplexing problem we've had tonight:

2 x CSS11000 with 2 x CE560's providing Reverse Proxy Cache to a front end web server. During testing we had both CE services "suspended" but not the RCP content rule. So in my theory this rule couldn't work because it's services were not available. However, the CSS continued to hit this content rule and hence broke the web side. We then suspended the RPC rule, all traffic was forced to use the directtoserver rule and things worked again.

The question this poses, and we will be testing this on Monday is....if the caches are "down" rather than "suspended" does the same thing happen....and is this a bug (because I cant help thinking thats not what ithe CSS should be doing) or something else.

Anyone come across this ?




Re: CSS Reverse Proxy Rule problem if caches suspended breaks we


I think the answer to your question comes down to whether the content rule is considered "down" or not. When the caches are down, what does a "show rule" show as a status of the content rule. If the rule is down, the CSS should not even respond to the clients request via the vip unless there is another content rule containing the same vip (L3, L4 etc..)

Maybe the keepalive types need to be changed. For example, using icmp for a keepalive type and shutting down port 80 on a webserver will NOT signify to the CSS that the services is down.

If the rule is down and still increasing hit counts, then this would be some type of bug.


Pete Knoops

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Re: CSS Reverse Proxy Rule problem if caches suspended breaks we

Hi Pete

I think the problem here I what you thinkg should happen and what actually does happen. If you content rules services including redirects and sorry services are down the content rule remains active. Which as you'd exepect cause things to break. Whether you consider this as a feature enhancement or a bug, surely the CSS you be intelligent to figure out when rules are "down" just like service ??



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