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CSS script output

I was writing a script to simplify the server managers stopping and starting services... also so they can check the status... if I do "! no echo" I can not get any output from commands I'd like to run with it... how can I get the output... without the command itself being written to screen? I put the script here that I use to check the Local Connections on the service...

Format of script is

script play <script name> <service> <start or stop>


! no echo

set service1 "Proxy1"

set service2 "Proxy2"

echo "${service1} Status"

sho service ${service1} | grep "Current Local"

echo "${service2} Status"

sho service ${service2} | grep "Current Local"

exit script 0

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Re: CSS script output


I'm not respoding to assist but to more so inquire. I was about to post a support message and saw's similar.

My question was looking for a method to monitor services that are down, have been down and ensure no usage. Looking to clean up my configs by idenifying unused services.

Your script looked like you might have some insight...any thoughts?

Thanks in advance

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Re: CSS script output

Are you talking about something like a show service summary?

To show you which services show as down ?

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Re: CSS script output

yes that's the start however I want to not only see that they are down but to know they have been down for X amount of time with no transitions. Would want the timeframe to be 2-4 weeks. I really don't want to do periodic snapshots and grep the compares.

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Re: CSS script output


I'm not entirely sure.... Are services being rotated around so much that you feel you need a process to identify 'dead' services?

That sounds more like a policy problem....

I don't have much experience writing the css scripts... this is really my first foray into that arena.. and I find the scripting language to be almost useless so far.

There is probably a script you could write that would do a sho service... compare previous sho services to the # of connections and the last clearing of stats... altho I can't figure out how to clear those stats... sigh...

If I find anything that looks like what you need in my travels I will post it for you !

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