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CSS Service Listed as down but server is up

I have a layer 3 rule set up to round robin between three servers. after my development team based one of three servers with about 15,000 requests today directly, it has become unavailable to the round robin and listed as "down" but all signs on the server say it's up. i can't ping the routers interface from the server or vice versa but the nic is up and fine. i use vmware virtual lans for all the routing so it's not cabling. would the switch disable the connection to it if it felt too many connections from the same ip or something? like did it think it was DoS and just remove it? how does thiswork, sorry i'm brand new to this. :( very frustrated.

Cisco Employee

Re: CSS Service Listed as down but server is up

if it's down it's because the probe failed.

That's the only possible reason.

Get a sniffer trace to verify the probe behavior.

Are you able to ping the server from the CSS ?

What is your css version ?


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Re: CSS Service Listed as down but server is up

Hey thanks a lot for responding. I'm pretty new to all of this. Can you explain a little more what the probing does? I thought it was just ping. Is it more than that? I've never used a sniffer before :(.

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