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CSS SNMP Notification question

I have several CSS 11506's, with different Services and associated Owners.

I want to know if there is a way for the CSS to detect when one of the services in a group goes down, and send an Email alert to the Service Owner. Possibly using SNMP?



Re: CSS SNMP Notification question

Hi Raymond,

CSS has SNMPv1 & SNMP V2 compatible MIBS.

SNMP v1 and v2 packet structures are different. If the device has SNMP v1 and V2 MIBs it is capable of receiving both formats. When you use your NMS system you tell it if you want to poll with v1 or v2.

If you know you are only going to be working with one version than you can only load those MIBs.

You can get the MIBS form CSS itself.

It will give you the MIBs for the version of WebNS which is currently running.

You need to ftp into the CSS as an administrator.

cd into the mibs directory and then into v1 or v2 depending on the MIB version you are interested in.

Then download all the MIBs you like/need.

Actually for monitoring services via SNMP you dont need to configure alarms on the CSS. First, there are default traps generated by the CSS MIBs. Information can be found here:

There are two traps "Service Down" and "Service Suspended" send to the preconfigured mgmt station. This can be used to indicate whether a service is down or not.

Second, you can poll the state of the existing services by the mgmt station using the CSS MIBs, this is described here:

Use the svcExt.apSvcState variables to get the states.

Any monitoring tool that uses SNMP to collect info and do graph will do.

You just need to know the correct OID which we can provide if needed.

The mibs are located on the CSS itself.

You can ftp to the CSS and go to the mibs directory to download them.

Kindly Check the following URL:

Sachin Garg

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Re: CSS SNMP Notification question

Wow! Thanks for all the information and resources.

I'll read through these and let you know when I get it working.


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