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CSS Sorry Server question


I am configuring a Sorry server and have a question about a note I found in a cisco document.

Here is the note in question:

"Note: After the CSS 11xxx directs requests to a primary sorry server, the switch continues to use the primary sorry server, even when the original server becomes functional. In order to force the connection back to the original server, you must suspend the primary sorry server or wait until the connection is dropped or times out. When the CSS 11xxx initiates a new session, the connection goes back to the original server."

Specifically, what constitutes "is droped" or "times out" in "...or wait until the connection is dropped or times out". I assume it means that after a set period of inactivity from a particular user. If that same user then initiates a new session after that time period, their traffic would be redirected to the primary server.

Can anybody set me straight on this?



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Re: CSS Sorry Server question


This refers to the CSS aging a session due to inactivity. By default flows are good for 16 seconds while idle, but this does decrease as load increases and for specific protocols it may differ. You can set specific content rules to use different timeout periods using either "flow perm" or "flow multiplier" commands, depending on which version of code you run. Default for http port 80 is 16 seconds for light load. "flow stat" gives you a look at what is happening. You need to balance increasing the timeout against the free flow count. When no flows are free, new traffic is dropped.


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