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New Member

CSS SSL and link modification problem

Hi all

We have a problem using our CSS to offload SSL for a site. The offload works for the first connection, but the web application seems to be rewriting relative links as absolute links.

For example, a user hits the site at The CSS is configured to terminate the SSL traffic, and then send HTTP to the internal web server on TCP/81.

What we're seeing in the client's browser is that all links are being returned as instead of

Any idea of how we can do this without messing around with the web server too much? I.e. is there a way on the CSS to do link translation?


Cisco Employee

Re: CSS SSL and link modification problem

If the link are indeed hardcoded like this, there is nothing the CSS can do.

Bad server design.

If the server is returning a redirect to http://... the CSS can intercept it and rewrite it to https.

Please verify if there is a redirect.


New Member

Re: CSS SSL and link modification problem

Thanks Gilles. I agree that the problem is poor design/coding, and have sent it to someone else to fix. Thanks for your assistance.

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