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CSS using WebSphere Servers

We are currently experiencing difficulty with browser sessions timing out while requesting web pages through the CSS. The sites are using SSL that is on the CSS and we receive the prompt for and can accept the SSL certificate. However, after this the browser will not display anything and eventually timeout, giving a page cannot be found message.

After doing traces, I can see the first packet request for application data going from the CSS to the server, but it seems to stop at that point and no application data packets are seen coming from either side. We are running WebSphere on the servers, but I don't see any requests on the servers.

What I'm trying to find out is what would cause the break in the connection between the CSS and the servers. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Re: CSS using WebSphere Servers

If you see http request from CSS to server and no response, this looks like a server issue.

Can you check the access.log and error.log files to see if there is anything wrong.

Could you post your sniffer trace so we can have a look.

Maybe the packets are corrupted [very unlikely but ...].

Does it work if you go HTTP directly to the server ?

Do you see any difference in a trace going directly to the server compare to the one with the CSS ?



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