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CSS ver 7.2

We have just upgraded our CSS(s) to 7.2 bld 106 and are seeing some odd behaivor. Is anyone else seeing any issues with this version of code? Our first issue is with our HSE, after upgrading our HSE only sees about 23 out of the 70 services configured. It's not access problems, it's just that it only sees 23 services. That is more of a net management issue, but still one we need to address.

Our bigger issue is that our services don't appear to be correct reporting connection and load information. we have services showing high connection counts, but in reality they have no load or flows created on them for the service. This is causing our load balancing to not be correct since the CSS is not sending traffic to servers that it should be. For example:

lx-bw02-443 Alive 16 1 7 0

lx-bw04-443 Alive 16 1 6 0

lx-bw06-443 Alive 32 1 2 0

lx-bw08-443 Alive 36 1 2 0

the bottom 2 services are showing double the connections of the top 2, but in reality they have none. since the top 2 haven't passed 32 they keep taking all the new connections.


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Re: CSS ver 7.2

I don't believe WebNS 7.2 is supported by the HSE (yet). Check the release notes/supported hardware.


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Re: CSS ver 7.2

Thanks, A

according to the docs for 1.7.1 you are correct. Documentation doesn't even show supporting 7.2 yet alone the build we're on. Find that kind of surprising seeing how integrated they are - time to find out when a release date is.



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