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CSS11500 Client Authentication

We are trying to implement Client Authentication through our CSS11506. Some of our users use a different certificate to authenticate. I have the ssl-proxy-list configured correctly, but when I try to add a 2nd cacert, I get a message saying a certificate has already been configured (sorry I dont have the exact error message).

Unless I'm reading the documentation wrong, I thought you could have up to 4 certificates loaded. Or is that just for server authentication & not client?

We are using WebNS version

Our ssl-proxy-list:

ssl-server 40

ssl-server 40 vip address x.x.x.x

ssl-server 40 rsacert serv_cert

ssl-server 40 rsakey serv_key

ssl-server 40 cipher rsa-with-rc4-128-md5 x.x.x.x 80 weight 5

ssl-server 40 urlrewrite 20

ssl-server 40 cacert rootcert

ssl-server 40 authentication enable

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Re: CSS11500 Client Authentication

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Re: CSS11500 Client Authentication

I'm afraid that document doesn't mention anything about client authentication.

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Re: CSS11500 Client Authentication

Well I've gotten a step further. I can load multiple CACERTS into the content switch. However, it seems only the first CACERT I add is doing the authentication. If the client does not authenticate to the first cacert correctly, then it doesn't try the 2nd cacert. It just immediately fails.

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