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CSS11500 - Direct Access to Real Servers


There's an example at how to provide a Direct Access to Real Servers behind CSM module, and I have to configure the same but with CSS which is different in configuration.

I'm using CSS11501 for LDAP load-balancing, there are just two servers with their adresses and, this is private network side.

On the public side, there's a network, with as VIP address which is targeted by users.

Is there a possibility that admins can make a Remote Desktop Connection to those Real Servers from public side of the network?

If yes, is it possible to make RDC to this VIP address, and to configure that for example port 4001 is for RDC for Server_1, and port 4002 is for Server_2?

I would appreciate if you have some config example.



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Re: CSS11500 - Direct Access to Real Servers


yes, it's possible. You have two possibilities:

First (as you wrote) you can configure two VIPs - one for first, second for second, connection through RDP at different VIPs (and the same port), or the same VIP and different ports.

Second (better solution):

You are using routed mode (different subnets for client and server side). If you would like to connect directly to server side, you must route this network from client side.

for example: ip route 192.168.1.x, where 'x' is one CSS's IP. 'x' can be circuit IP, or virtual interface. You can use VIP too, but if rule is not working (service state for all services is 'down') VIP is not 'alive'.



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