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Can css11500 monitors whether a server is sending 404 errors or customized error pages ?

Thanks for any response.


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Re: css11500


If you are using a http keepalive then yes we can mark the server up or down depending on the response. If we get a response code back for a specific defined url other than 200OK then we will mark the server down.

If you are asking can me monitor every requestion for a 404 then the answer is no.

You can send a client to a customised error page if all services are down on a particular content rule. This is done by using the command

primary sorry server

Under the content rule.


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Re: css11500

We are about to depoly a pair of CSS11500s.

I was under the impression we can create a web status page on our web service (created by a monitoring cgi program), and get the CSS to make a hash of the returned contents of the page.

If that page changes in any way (i.e. the cgi creating the page detects a failure in the application at some point) then the CSS will retrieve the page, hash it again, and note the hash value has changed.

In this case it would then redirect all site traffic to the sorry server, which I think is what the original poster wants.

Have I got this wrong?!

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