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CSS11501 VIP just stops after a day or two

We have a CSS11501 that we are using to frontend an oracle colaberation suite cluster of unix servers. There are two servers in the first cluster. I have set it up to have a single load balanced vip with the following content services (http, imap, smtp, port 7777, and port 9401). Two other servers have a different load balanced VIP for their http and LDAP funtions. We are trunking in from a Cat3500XL switch the two vlans (10 "public" and 250 "private server") via the gig interface. It works fine for about a day or two then the VIP just stops responding to any traffic. We have done dumps on the servers and they are not getting any traffic through at all. Each server has a seperate VIP & source group set up as a straight pass through for maint access, these continue to work fine. I have tried stopping and starting the services, content rule, and source groups. even totally deleting the VIP and recreating it does not work. Rebooting the switch was of no help as well. If I recreate all of the content rules on a new VIP and assign the services it comes up fine but the old VIP address just stays dead. It is almost like the VIP has a limited lifespan and then shuts down. Any suggestions would be helpfull as this is a new technolagy for me. Thanks.

Burke McCrory

Internet Administrator

Oklahoma Tax Commission

Cisco Employee

Re: CSS11501 VIP just stops after a day or two

you will have to capture a sniff in front of the css to see if it is receiving traffic for the vip.

You can also do a 'sho summary' and see if the hit counter is increasing.

Then check the upstream device and verify the mac address associated with the vip.

Make sure the L2 cam table is pointing to the CSS.

Do you have redundancy turned on ?

Finally, not sure what is the colaboration suite exactly, but if this is a software loadbalancing tool, you may want to stop using it if you have a CSS. Simply configure the server independent from each other.

In the past we have seen many issues when trying to combine both software and hardware loadbalancing.


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