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CSS11506 SSL offloading

Hi ,

Was wondering if anyone could point me to some very simplistic configurations on how we move SSL encryption off existing web-servers onto the CSS11506.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Many thanks

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Re: CSS11506 SSL offloading


Attached is a white paper that I co-authored. Hope it helps.

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Re: CSS11506 SSL offloading

Thank you very much

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Re: CSS11506 SSL offloading

Hi ,

I have been going through the document you gave me and was wondering if you could clarify some points for us. In an excerpt from the document you sent me:

content rule

backend-server 10

backend-server 10 type backend-ssl

backend-server 10 ip address

backend-server 10 port 86 _ must match port configured in the service

backend-server 10 server-ip

backend-server 10 server-port 443 _ must match HTTPS service port running on the real server

backend-server 10 cipher rsa-with-rc4-128-md5

backend-server 20

backend-server 20 type backend-ssl

backend-server 20 ip address

backend-server 20 port 86

backend-server 20 server-ip

backend-server 20 server-port 443

backend-server 20 cipher rsa-with-rc4-128-md5


Do you perhaps have an example where the SSL session terminates on the CSS and clear text HTTP is run to the Web Server.

As from what I can see the example excerpt I have above is for HTTPS to the backend servers.

Many thanks

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Re: CSS11506 SSL offloading

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Re: CSS11506 SSL offloading

Hi Gilles,

Thank you for your input. I was hoping you could clarify an issue for me. I have managed to export a test certificate off a test IIS server it is a .P7B file. I have copied this file onto the CSS. How do I deal with the key pair ? How do I import the key and associate it with the certificate.

Thanks for your assistance

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