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CSS11800 keepalives & load balancing

Can someone tell me what the relationship between aca

load balancing and keepalives are? For example, is service load

based on tcp connection setup of the keepalive or for every

connection being made to the service?


Re: CSS11800 keepalives & load balancing

It's been a while since I went to training on this stuff, but here's my thoughts. I don't think there is a relationship between the two. ACA is a combination of several metrics but take a look at the following statement:

The CSS 11000 uses the ArrowPoint Content Aware (ACA) service to gather response time data for every flow for building statistical averages/variances for every service and content rule. The best servers are used, while the slow servers are pruned from the eligible list. This service also can manage persistent connections for e-commerce based on IP addresses (range), Secure Socket Layer (SSL) application IDs, and cookies.

I found that here ( What that tells me is that ACA doesn't really care about keepalives, it cares about the flows to that server. A simple ICMP keepalive will not create a flow and therefore can't be part of the calculations. Now if you were doing your keepalive based on a script, tough to say, but it would be a flow at that point.


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