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CUCM Database Optimization ??

Hi all

I have a design with CUCM cluster over the WAN... With such setup, I have the following protocols flowing through the WAN, between Publisher and subscriber :

1) TCP 8002,8003,8004 - Intra cluster communication signalling

2) TCP 1500, 1501 - Database connection and replication

and many more ports for applications like TOMCAT, RIS, DRF etc, which all works on TCP..

Between these WAN sites I have WAN optimizers...

Now my question is:

Has anyone tried optimizing these voice signalling and database replication traffic through WAN accelerators ?? Is it advisible ? any real world experiences ? I see all these protocols run on TCP and should be optimized well.. but will it lead to any other issues in Publisher-subscriber communication ???

Note - what will be the average size of database which is pushed from publisher to subscriber ? In my setup, i have around 300 phones and a DS3 between the locations.. I have read through the SRND, and saw some complex mathematics for calculating the bandwidth usage, but im more interested in knowing the database sizes for such a setup..

Thanks & Regards


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