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delay for SSL connections (Dial-up or LAN)

I know a load balancer or any other equipment between 2 devices obviously introduces latency. But when a client initiates an SSL connection to a server through the LD it seems to take about 5 seconds to hand the request off to a server. And this is on ethernet right outside the firewall. The time it takes a client on dial up is obviously more. Is there any tweaks or anyway to make this faster? I am using sticky sessions based on SSL ID and the timeout is 15 minutes.

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Re: delay for SSL connections (Dial-up or LAN)

1.Hard code the speeds on the LD interfaces and corresponding switches.

2.Make sure LD has correct default route statement.

3. If servers or vips are on different subnet than LD, make sure you have alias ip address command.

4.If all else fails, open a TAC case and be prepared to capture simultaneous sniffer traces on front end vlan and back end vlan. Usually, latency issues are difficult to troubleshoot.

I hope this helps!


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