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Difference between LocalDirector and CSS.

In summary, what are the differences between LocalDirector and CSS? Where shoul done use one and not the other?

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Re: Difference between LocalDirector and CSS.

It's very different.

LD just a PC-based box,few feature,simple LB algorithm,not support L5-L7 persistency,low throughput.

CSS is ASIC-based box,many LB algorithm,support L5-L7 persistency,high throughput.But it's L7 app is not enough met customer need.For example,in the future,GPRS app is used anywhere,CSS must support WAP app and so on.Customer need CSS can support mobile-phone number persistency.

In the future,CSS's roadmap will be an app switch,it can identify all customer app,like domino,sap and so on.

Answer your 2nd question: when you deploy simple SLB,without persistency,without high throughput,without scalability,with few server,with few money,use LD,whereas,use L7 switch.

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Re: Difference between LocalDirector and CSS.

I agree on the WAP thing, but I do not agree on

the persistency, nor the performance issue.

The LD can do L5. It can do persistency and

it can do high throughput - well at least the

model 430. The LD is a solid box and it does

at good job on thousands of sites all over the

world. I have it, I tried it! And, it really

works fine with stateful failover - recently tried it

with more than 10000 tn3270 session!

The CSS cannot do it (yet)

Oh, btw. I also have several CSS in my shop -

they also work fine :-)


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Re: Difference between LocalDirector and CSS.

One thing want to mention on it.If you have UDP service except DNS, use CSS,forget those LD box.

I was tricked on this.LD won't send any keepalive packet to UDP port, such as ICMP, so if the server with UDP service is down, LD won;t know it, and continue to send traffic to that server.

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