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DMP groups and publishing access

Is it possible on a DMM for content publishers to only have access to publish content on a small group of DMPs and not have access to the rest of the DMPs?

For example a shop in a mall has the control to decide what is shown on sign within the shop but are restricted from changing the signs in the food court.


Re: DMP groups and publishing access

I would like to help you but, I am not sure if I completely understand what you are asking in the big sense. I am assuming you have a corporate internal deployment of DMS with ACNS deployed also. Are you referencing the video portal or the Digital signage end point?

Short answers:

#1 Try HTTP

#2 Yes


In the Digital signage application Windows media is not supported in the DMP. You need to thing MPEG2 TS.

Then H.264 for when the DMP4400 comes out this summer.

There are definite ways to easily manage your content and not impact network traffic.

For an internal network deployment of the Video Portal you will definitely need ACNS to manage the content across your WAN

For Digital Signage Think of centralizing the graphics and HTML files on a central web server and having the applications only reference the large files and video from the CE's with ACNS or the SDs on each DMP. That way you only have to manage the applications in one location and all you are transfering through ACNS to your CE's is the MPEG2 video. ( or FTPing videos to the DMPs ) in the late nite time frame.

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Re: DMP groups and publishing access

I found the answer to this. Your DMPs must be organized in groups. Once this is done you can give different users different publishing rights to different groups.

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