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Does ACE support 2048 bit cert

We're running ACE SM ver. A2(1.5a). Does anyone happen to know if it supports 2048 bit cert?



Re: Does ACE support 2048 bit cert

Hi ,

Yes ACE support 2048 bit certificates.

The Cisco ACE solution integrates SSL acceleration technology, which offloads the encryption and decryption of SSL traffic from external devices (servers, appliances, etc.), thereby allowing the Cisco ACE to look more deeply into encrypted data and apply security and application switching policies. This enables Cisco ACE to make more intelligent policy decisions and also helps ensure that your application-delivery platform complies with internal and external regulations.

With re-encryption capabilities, Cisco ACE's SSL acceleration offering helps ensure end-to-end encryption of sensitive data while providing the capability to apply intelligent policies. The following SSL features are supported: SSL termination and initiation, SSL Version 3.0, Transport Layer Security (TLS) Version 1.0, back-end SSL, exportable Rivest, Shamir, and Adelman (RSA) cipher suites, session ID stickiness, SSL URL rewrite (HTTP header rewrite), session ID reuse, client authentication, HTTP header insert of client and server certificate fields and SSL session parameters, HTTP Redirect on client authentication failure, strong RSA cipher suites, and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cipher suites.

SSL accelerated protocols: HTTPS, Secure IMAP (IMAPS), Secure Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAPS), Secure Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTPS), Secure POP Version 3 (POP3S), and Secure Telnet (STELNET)

SSL accelerated ciphers: rsa-with-rc4-128-md5, rsa-with-rc4-128-sha, rsa-with-des-cbc-sha, rsa-with-3des-ede-cbc-sha, rsa-export-with-rc4-40-md5, rsa-export-with-des40-cbc-sha, rsa-export1024-with-rc4-56-md5, sa-export1024-with-des-cbc-sha, rsa-export1024-with-rc4-56-sha rsa-with-aes-128-cbc-sha, and rsa-with-aes-256-cbc-sha

Public key exchange algorithm: RSA 512-bit, 768-bit, 1024-bit, 1536-bit, and 2048-bit

Digital certificates: All major digital certificates from certificate authorities, including the following: VeriSign, Entrust, Netscape iPlanet, Windows 2000 Certificate Server, Thawte, Equifax, and Genuity

Sample SSL key and certificate pair
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