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Does CSS work with hostname header?

Let say, I have a IIS servers hosting both and IIS can be configured to look up the hostname and served them as completely different website. Since both DNS resolved the same ip address, do I need to configure two Content Rule for them? Right now, I added another IIS server and used CSS to load balance (ACA). I configure one Content Rule for both sites, it works spardically. When I shutdown one server, sometimes I was able to go to both a. and and sometimes, I could only get to one and the other one return page not found 404. Please help.

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Re: Does CSS work with hostname header?

Yes, my SE says this is supported but not well documented yet. Call Cisco and get their engineers to help you.

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Re: Does CSS work with hostname header?

We have this exact environmant working very well. I dont this there are any special configurations for ISS host headers.

We originally used only one content rule for all sites and it worked fine. We are now using a number of content rules to do different things and it too works fine.

If you shutdown on of the servers then the keepalives should fail and then the server will be taken out of the active server list. Is this working correctly.

The other comment I would make is just make sure that you are on the latest code release

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