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Does introducing WCCP redirect for WAAS disrupt Netflow information?

Before installing WAAS and WCCP redirect on some 6500 interfaces in our data center, those interfaces showed Netflow flows for users at a remote location accessing servers at our data center. Now with WCCP redirecting that traffic to the WAEs, I notice the only netflow flows for that remote location are UDP flows and some ICMP stuff.

Is this an unintended consequence of installing WAAS - that netflow statistics are going to be skewed by not showing flows that are now accelerated?


Re: Does introducing WCCP redirect for WAAS disrupt Netflow info

I believe your problem may be due to the fact that you are redirecting http

based traffic per the ACL configuration. The sup720 uses wccp v2 as a default

version,however, the Sup720 does NOT support the hardware-based redirection for the TCP port 80 when we enable wccpv2.


Support for Non-HTTP Services:

WCCPv2 allows redirection of traffic other than HTTP (TCP port 80 traffic), including a variety of UDP and TCP traffic. WCCPv1 supported the redirection of HTTP (TCP port 80)traffic only. WCCPv2 supports the redirection of packets intended for other ports, including those used for proxy-web cache handling, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) caching, FTP proxy handling, web caching for ports other than 80, and real audio, video, and telephony applications.

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