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Dual CE-550's at different sites

I have two sites connected by ATM. The primary site is the last hop for internet bound traffic. There is a CE-550 at each location. Each CE-550 has the address of the local site router and the remote site router configured.

The problem I have is that both routers are redirecting to the same cache engine. If I turn one CE-550 off traffic begins to be redirected to the alternate sites router. This is good but when I turn it back on, the traffic continues to be redirected to one cache engine.

Is there a way to make each CE-550 advertise as the preferred cache for a given router? I would prefer if each sites router redirected to the local cache engine and if that cache engine fails, I would like the remote cache to be used. When the failure clears, I want the traffic redirection to "heal" back to the local cache.

Is this possible? If so how do I configure it?


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Re: Dual CE-550's at different sites

why do you need the remote router to be configured on the local cache ?

I would chose to redirect only to the local cache.

The secondary site will be redirected to the secondary cache. The secondary cache will try to access the internet and will be redirected to the primary cache by the primary router (or not if you prefer not).

If the the secondary cache goes done, the traffic is still redirected by the primary router to the primary cache since traffic has to go through the primary site.

Only problem I see is if you lose the primary cache, the primary site will have direct access to the internet.

But the secondary site will still use its local cache.

Do you really want the primary site to redirect to the secondary site if the primary cache is down ?

What is possible to do is configure a weight so the traffic is splitted between the 2 caches.

But you can have a different weight depending on the router. It's one weight per cache.

Also, by default the weight is the same on all the cache, so the traffic should 50/50 in your case.

Do a 'sho ip wccp webcache detail' to see allocation of the ip address space.

Also, how many connections to do you wait before concluding that 1 cache is used and not the other ?

In conclusion I would only use the local cache with the local router. You'll get the best performance and it is easier to implement.

Only drawback is if you lose the primary cache.

But you could add one more cache in the primary location if this is so important.



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