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error accessing log files...


I need some help to troubleshoot a problem I'm having. I have a CSS 11000 and I should start by saying that I have a very basic knowledge on how to operate. On the CSS I'm getting the following error:

DEC 21 10:20:35 5/1 6245 IPV4-4: ARP: could not open file /ComposerRoot/info/arp.txt

When I telnet into the CSS and try to look at the log (sys.log) I get:

CSS11050# show log sys.log

Cannot open file:/ComposerRoot/log/sys.log

If I ftp to the CSS and just try to see the directory I get:

331 Password required


230 User logged in

ftp> ls

200 Port set okay

150 Opening ASCII mode data connection

550 No files found or invalid directory or permission problem

Looks that I have a problem with me hard drive, I guess that the CSS is still working cause the config is on memory but will fail if I reboot it.

Can anyone conclude something with this information, or know what can I troubleshoot before opening a case with support?

Thanks in advanced for any input.

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Re: error accessing log files...

I've only seen that message when the actual sys.log file no longer after you do a 'clear log sys.log' then do a sho log sys.log you get the message you see.

From the CSS, if you do a 'sho log ?'

Do you see a sys.log listed? for example..

test# sho log ?

Execute command

stub NOV 4 14:56:28 6

boot.log DEC 14 20:18:34 827

traplog DEC 23 12:20:06 2868340

sys.log DEC 23 12:20:04 876

boot.bak DEC 14 20:15:30 732

traplog.prev DEC 20 10:27:06 9999952

If you don't see a sys.log thats why you are getting the message. Otherwise, another process has a lock on it, which a reboot would most likely clear.

You could probably clear it from llama as well, but I don't know the commands to do it.

Community Member

Re: error accessing log files...

Thanks for the info, but: I actually don't see any log files, here is my output for the command:

CSS11050# show log ?

Execute command

CSS11050# show log

Cisco Employee

Re: error accessing log files...

could you get a 'show disk'



Community Member

Re: error accessing log files...

yes, if I do "show disk" I get:

CSS11050# show disk

Disk Size: 1,085 MB

Disk Free: 760 MB

Bad Cluster Count: 0

File Count: 1,248

Directory Count: 199

That's one of the things that puzzles me.

Thanks in advanced for any help.

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