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Error message, Please help!!

Any idea on what this error is on CSS 11506, we are getting this error several times in a second. The version is 5.10 build 102

APR 2 07:34:46 1/1 3376357 SYSSOFT-4: Event not deliverable, msgq id = 0x8c932ba0, event id = 29, event name = BridgeMacAddrEvent

Cisco Employee

Re: Error message, Please help!!

This message is stating the CSS was unable to deliver a certain process because a queue was full.

Every message signifies that a event has been dropped because

the queue full condition. This message is in reference to when the fast-path (Network processor)

does a source MAC address lookup and doesn't find an entry.

The fastpath will then send a MAC address learn message up to the SCM. If the SCM recieves too many

of messages before it can process them, the messages

will fill up the queue.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: This message was seen during a Smart Bits test that used distinct source MAC

addresses for each IP address it was configured to use. At

the beginning of the test Smart Bits would send ARPs for all of these IP addresses and would fill up

the queue. Placed the Smartbits device off the local subnet

(placed a router between the Smart bits tester and the CSS) and this cleared up the message.

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