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Ethernet issue between CE590, 7507


I'm hoping someone here has a suggestion or has seen something similar to what we're seeing. I've looked through the Bug Toolkit with little success. Anyway, here is our situation:

We have a CE590 running 2.51, directly connected to 7507 running 12.1(3a)T1. Most of the time, this combination is running fine, but we've recently noticed an interesting trend. When traffic starts to stabilize during the day, there are sudden drops in the number of requests handled by the CE. We started using MRTG to monitor the HTTP savings as measured by "show http savings" and noticed these drops. So we started checking the interface utilization and the number of packets redirected from the directly connected router via WCCP.

Total utilization through the internet connection remains constant; number of WCCP redirects remains fairly constant; there are dramatic dips in traffic sent across the fast ethernet interface, and there are also the aforementioned drops in requests processed by the CE.

As far as we can tell, there should be no drop in the number of requests sent across the fast ethernet connection as traffic through the router remains fairly constant. So we are left scratching our heads and wondering. We are not receiving any error messages, nor are we seeing errors on this particular interface. Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts as to what might be happening? Or other areas we could look at for this particular issue?

Any help would be much appreciated.




Re: Ethernet issue between CE590, 7507


I'm not one to recommend a blind upgrade, but in general the CE590 platform can run the latest 4.2 code that runs WCCP much better then 2.51 ever did. With that said, I would recommend getting a show tech off the router and CE to see if the router/ce are bypassing traffic for some particular reason.

show bypass summary


Pete Knoops

Cisco Systems

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Re: Ethernet issue between CE590, 7507


Thanks for your suggestions. Somehow I never thought to use the show bypass command.

Anyway, we are looking at the ACNS 4.2.1 code, but I'm running into a silly problem: I can't find the files! I have gone to the Software Download page for ACNS 4.2 Software. The readme and the guide for Software Upgrade both indicate that I should find files similar to ANCS-4.2.1-ce590-2.x-UPGRADE-K9.bin and the associated ce590-ANCS-4.2.1-K9.flash and .bin files. However, the only files that I find are downgrade files and the Upgrade Manager .flash and .bin files. Is it possible to get the necessary files from those or am I completely missing something?

Thanks again,



Re: Ethernet issue between CE590, 7507


The code you are looking for actually takes a few extra steps because of its built in strong encryption. You need to click on

"Download ACNS Software images (contains strong encryption)"

once you are in this link:

You need to fill out some information once you click on that link because of foreign laws on encryption. It's very straight forward.

Good Luck


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