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Explanation of CSM Drops?


Today I was testing access through the CSM for a new solution, this includes CSM and SSL modules which we've got working fine many times for this solution and many others, so I'm pretty confident the config is right (well that it's the same as the others on there). Anyway to cut what might turn into a long story to a short one. We witnessed when the client (which isn't a browser) tries to connect it comes in through front end CSM, through SSL decryption and gets dropped when it tries to connect to the backend CSM VIP. Output below showing the counter that increments when the connection fails in bold.

Switch#sh mod csm 3 vservers name CLR-SFARM config
CLR-SFARM, type = SLB, state = OPERATIONAL, v_index = 1942
  Description:  clear
  virtual = bidir, TCP, service = NONE, advertise = FALSE
  idle = 3600, replicate csrp = none, vlan = 10, pending = 30, layer 4
  max parse len = 2000, persist rebalance = TRUE
  ssl sticky offset = 0, length = 32
  conns = 0, total conns = 12
  maxconn drops = 0, total drops = 10
  Policy <default>
    serverfarm CLR-SFARM, type = SLB, predictor = LeastConns
      nat = SERVER
      bind id = 0, fail action = none
      inband health config: <none>
      retcode map = <none>
        WWW, type = http
      Real servers:
        WB01, weight = 8, OPERATIONAL

After spending some fruitless hours on google can anyone tell me what this counter actually means and what the possibly causes are for it?

Thanks in advance


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