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flow timeouts

Do the flow timeouts configured within the CSS 11501s affect traffic that is not load balanced? I have a database connection that traverses the CSS, but there is no configuration within the CSS for it. The connection timeouts when there is a large wait time, and I want to be sure that the CSS isn't associated with this issue.

In my mind, since the traffic flow is not within any configuration of the CSS, it should not be controlled by the flow timeout values associtated with the CSS.



Re: flow timeouts

By default, flow reclamation is always running. Use the flow long-lived command to delay flow reclamation on lightly loaded CSSs so as to allow long-lived flows to continue even during a large period of inactivity. This command delays flow reclamation until one-fourth of the total Flow Control Blocks (FCBs) are in use.

Use the flow long-lived command only if the CSS reclaims flows too quickly and the number of flows on the CSS is relatively low. You may find this command particularly useful for a database application.

For example, to delay flow reclamation on a lightly loaded CSS, enter:

(config) flow long-lived

To disable the flow reclamation delay on the CSS, enter:

(config) no flow long-lived

For more information refer to the following url:

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