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Fresh ACE config...

Hi All,

Im going for ACE config in few days time, have been reading the documents for last 2 weeks, would appreciate some heads-up to my queries:

1. On the ACE module we have this hidden ports NP1, NP2, ...etc , do we need to configure that or is it used for special cases.

2. In terms of HTTP load balancing to caching-servers, which predictor complies with best practice format, VIP, L4 (src or dst port nos ), L7 ??

3. Have also been trying to get some sample configs and some online hands-on if possible, any pointers, most welcome ?

Thanx in advance .... Gentlemen :-)



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Re: Fresh ACE config...

1. NP1/NP2 are the CPUs. The ports on the module are consoles for debugging. These ports should remain covered. I believe they are disabled.

2. You will want to use predictor hash source mask x.x.x.x. This will ensure that each client always balances to the same cache engine. This will better utilize your disk cache and increase your chances of cache hits.

In terms of L4 or L7, I would always try to keep the load balancing rules at layer4 if possible. This will maximize the performance of any load balancer since the LB decision can be made on the TCP syn packet.

3. Take a look at example A of this FWLB config. It is pretty much the same thing you would use for a cache:

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Re: Fresh ACE config...

Thanx Martin,

appreciate your assistance.

Last question:

My customer is using transparent caching , TCS, now i want the ACE to do SLB on basis of incoming port 80 traffic and not based on specific ip address, VIP.

is it advisable to have eq 80 config to support the same.

thanx a ton


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Re: Fresh ACE config...


This is exactly how you would configure the virtual to catch all port 80 traffic. The virtual states match any address destined to port 80.



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