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New Member

ft track host priority

Need some help in understanding the  priority value , below is my ft track host conifg  and the output

ft interface vlan 1003
  ip address
  peer ip address
  no shutdown

ft peer 1
  heartbeat interval 300
  heartbeat count 10
  ft-interface vlan 1003
ft group 10
  peer 1
  priority 255
  peer priority 250
  associate-context Admin

ft track host GATEWAY
  peer track-host
  probe PROBE_ICMP priority 100
  peer probe PROBE_ICMP priority 50

/Admin# sh ft track summary

FT Group                     : 10
Status                       : in-service
Maintenance mode             : MAINT_MODE_OFF
My State                     : FSM_FT_STATE_ACTIVE
My Config Priority           : 255
My Net Priority              : 255
My Preempt                   : Enabled
Context Name                 : Admin
Context Id                   : 0
Track Name                   : GATEWAY
  Track type                 : TRACK_HOST
  Host IP Address            :
  State                      : TRACK_UP
  Priority                   : 0  ( why its shows the priority as 0 )
  Probe name                 : PROBE_ICMP
    State                    : TRACK_UP
    Priority                 : 100

Have the priority for my ft group is 255 , and for ft track host is 100 (255-100)  155

and for the standy  ft group is 250 and ft track host is 50 (250-50) 200

If the track host is not reachable then will it failover successfully as i have the higher priority value for ACE2  which is 200


ft track host priority


your first doubt is why priority is "0" in the output. We have two options when we create a track hot for a FT group, either assign priority to probe (which you have done) or we define priority to track host (not to probe) which will reduce the priority of the FT group in case all the associated probes attach to that track host has failed.

Configuring priority is useful in scenarioes where in we have multiple track hosts and we want to give priorities to various hosts. default is 0

Coming to you second q? in case both FT peer loss their track hosts there will be a failover (as per new priorities)

New Member

ft track host priority

Gaurav thanks for your response

So inthat case my config should work ,there should not be any issues.Please let me know if I need add or delete any of the priority 


ft track host priority

see as far as FT fail over is concern this will work. But i am not very clear with your objective of FT tracking host. My doubt is why u r tracking different IP for both FT peer ( for this peer and for remote peer). what i understand the objective of tracking was to track a single device (like gateway) from both peers and change priorities for FT failover, so that device with no gateway reachable shound go standby.

in your case even when both peers have lost their track hosts still there will be a failover, not clear what failover will acheive.

but if its your requirement and this is what you want to achieve your configuration is good.


ft track host priority

Still not clear with topolgy and are switches connected to ACE device respectively (ACE-1 connected to and ACE 2 connected to And then you are tracking on ACE-1 and on ACE-2. When is unreachable ACE-1 priority reduce to 155 (255-100), so ACE-2 will take over. Now suppose ACE-2 also loss then it will reduce its priority 200 (250.50), so its still higher it will remain Active.

now my q? what is and any ways related to ACE routing part (not physical connectivity). Are they gateway for routes or what. Or reframing the q? what will happen on ACE-1 traffic forwarding mechanism if is lost (forget FT for time being). Will this make ACE-1 unreachable to rest of network? Similar for ACE-2 and

I hope u got what i want to know..

New Member

Re: ft track host priority

Gaurav thanks for explaining me in detail ,I guess the better choice would be to track interface vlan ,which ever is configured on ACE ,that  way I will be tracking same vlan 

ft track interface Admin

track-interface vlan 5

peer track interface vlan 5

priority 100

peer priority 50

This should solve my scenario I guess ,If  ace 1 loses  track of vlan 5 ,ACE2 should become primary,and when ACE1 vlan will be available it should become active  as I have the preempt enabled .

Please let me know if it makes sense


ft track host priority

i will again say yes it is also good for your setup of failover requirementand yes with your configuration your failover will work as expected.

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