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GSS - demote primary?

How do you go about demoting a primary - and bringing the secondary into primary mode?

We would like to swap the roles of our secondary and primary units

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Re: GSS - demote primary?

nevermind. a little reading and gssm primary-to-standby

Re: GSS - demote primary?

To demote a master GSSM-M to a standby GSSM-S, issue the following command on the primary:

gss-primary #gssm primary-to-standby

To promote GSSM-S to Primary

gss-sec# gssm standby-to-primary

details at

Syed Iftekhar Ahmed

Re: GSS - demote primary?

Ensure that the designated primary GSSM is either offline or configured as a standby GSSM before you attempt to enable the standby GSSM as the new interim primary GSSM. Having two primary GSSM devices active at the same time may result in the inadvertent loss of configuration changes for your GSS network.

Log in to the CLI of the primary GSSM, enable privileged EXEC mode, and perform a full backup of your primary GSSM to preserve your current network and configuration settings

After entering the gssm primary-to-standby command, you should ensure that at least 1 minute passes before you enter the gssm standby-to-primary command in order to allow time for proper GSS device synchronization.

Configuration changes do not take effect immediately. It may take up to 10 minutes before the other GSS devices in the network learn about the new primary GSSM.

Kindly refer the following document:

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Sachin Garg

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