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GSS DR setup


I am currently configuring a 2 x GSS 1 master one standby geographically seperate.

Now i want to server a VIP for my main site all the time, but if that vip goes down fail to my second site??

How can I achieve this?? i can only see how i can weight or loadbalance?? Can you have dns entries on a primary standby basis.

I am new to the device and have only ever configured GSS on CSS.

Any sample config of these devices would be much appreciated :P

Also can you use Kal_AP with ACE or is it only CSS?




Re: GSS DR setup

First of all with GSSs, all devices in a GSS network are active and serve DNS requests. Terms Primary/Secondary GSSM are only valid from management perspective, i.e you can only make changes to GSSs using Primary GSSM.

For your requirement you need to setup "ordered list" as the loadbalancing algo in GSS.With Ordered list algorithm, all GSSs in a GSS network always resolve the 1st IP address (from a sequential list of potential answers) against the name query. If the 1st answer (VIP) is down (ALL GSSs in GSS network check all servers/VIPs via keepalives) then they start to resolve the 2nd IP address from the list for the same dns request.

Kalap can also be used with ACE running relatively new code.


Syed iftekhar Ahmed

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