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GSS keepalive (HTTP HEAD) not seeing website as Active


I have a HTTP HEAD keepalive that references a path to /webservermonitoring.aspx that works fine querying that the associated database server is ok. However, recently the actual webserver itself encountered a problem (Server Error Code 500) but that didn't result in the site being taken off-line because the keepalive mentioned above was still working fine.

To mitigate this problem happening I then tried to create a multi-port keepalive by adding a second keepalive aimed just at the website VIP (no path added) but I cannot get this to work with my customers website. I've done packet captures with the website and can see a responce code 200 (HTTP/1.1 200 ok\r\n) being returned but the GSS just takes the site off-line!

The customer is insistant they want the website itself monitored? If I can't get the GSS to see the website as on-line either using the method above (or something else - KAL script?) then my only other option appears to be placing an ACE in the way - which seems overkill.

Is there anything I'm doing wrong with the keepalive or diagnostics I can do to bottom out the issue?

Kind regards


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