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We have two CSSs one in DR and one in HQ and are communicating with an App Session.

They are configured in sort of a hybrid mode as partially a content services switch to failover servers and as a DNS server to host DNS records

We are using both the DNS component and services to failover some servers:

dns-server zone 0 tier1

dns-record a 50 single kal-icmp 150 sticky-disabled weightedrr 10

service MCI-SMTP

protocol tcp

port 25

keepalive frequency 120

keepalive retryperiod 120

max usage 255

keepalive type script ap-kal-smtp ""

ip address


We have some set up to just use the GSLB method for failover with services, VIP Addresses and content rules.

We need to have the ability to check the https index page of one of the server and this requires an encryption module, which we don't have in the CSS devices we currently own.

My understanding is that the GSS was design to do the DNS function in a more enhanced way that the CSS can do it.

Since we will be purchasing new appliances, I have these questions:

1. Can the GSS be a replacement for the CSS and do everything the CSS can do, configuring services, VIP address and content rules, in addition to DNS funtions?

2. What is the benifit of using the GSS over the CSS?

3. If 1 and 2 are Can I get an encryption module for the GSS to check the https index page on services configured?


Re: GSS vs CSS

GSS cannot be used as CSS replacement. Its safe to say that GSS is primarily an Intelligent DNS Server that responds with the optimal A records against the DNS requests. In making these decisions it keeps into account the health of VIPs configured on local loadbalancers such as CSS/CSM/F5/ACE.Its primarily used to load balance multiple data centers.

You can set rules such that

it resolves to Data Center 1 , If load on data center 1 is 70% then resolve to Data center2 and so on.

It also can be configured to make decisions based on client DNS Proxy location.In other word you can configure GSS such that it will direct clients in ASIA to data center in ASIA and USA clients to Data center in USA.

GSS + (CSS/CSM/ACE) gives you complete solution.


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