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GSSM Status Unknown for some Answers

I have 4 GSSs in the network, the standby and regular gss devices have status of either Online or Offline for all the answers when checking the Answer Status under the Monitoring tab. However, the GSSM states Unknown for a few of the answers (most have a status of Online or Offline matching the other three GSSs). We upgraded to in Dec 07, and these Unknown started appearing in mid Jan 08. Is there a bug I missed?

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Re: GSSM Status Unknown for some Answers

Just in case anyone needs to know this in the future; it was suggested that I reboot the Primary.

What I did to fix the problem: I made a back-up of the database, ran a reload on the Primary, and restored the database; then went to the Standby and each regular GSS and reregistered them with the Primary. All seems to be fine now.

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Re: GSSM Status Unknown for some Answers

I have the same problem with some answers showing as unknown on the primary GSSM in a network with 2 GSSes - one primary GSSM and one secondary GSSM.

We upgraded from 1.3 to 2.0.3 via 2.01. We noticed this behaviour start when we added new DNS rules to the GSSM in 2.0.3. They would replicate to and become active on the gss running the standby GSSM but be shown as unknown (and be inactive) on the primary GSSM.

Rebooting the primary GSSM fixes the problem temporarily.

Have raised a TAC case to see if they can actually fix the problem.

Did your problems ever return after you took the action that you did?

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