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Healthcheck Scripting

I am in the final throes of designing an e-Commerce environment and will be specifying CS11000 series Content Switches as an integral part at both the web and app layers.

Problem. Health checking the app servers that run a bespoke application.

The app servers run a JVM based bespoke inhouse application, I need the CS11000 to be able to run a custom script that will call another script on the app server.

The app server script then runs its own routine and receives a set of replies from each JVM, then this script forwards those replies back to the CS11000 switches.

This healthchecking will be totally independant of web layer health checking.

Can anyone see anything wrong with this theory? Anyone done anything similar?



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Re: Healthcheck Scripting

Hi David,

I don't see anything wrong with your theory, in fact we run a similar scenario using a scripted XML test in the page that is tested by the CSS.

As you know the CSS has the ability to checksum (GET method) a Web page that is retrieved over HTTP, any change to this page will notify the Layer 7 switch that the web server has encountered a critical error, and should be pulled from the cluster of available servers. The 'test page' contains a number of diagnostics that can succeed or fail independantly of the system as a whole.



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