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Help required with CSM config?

1. I request help on some pointers to URLs where I could find answers to my questions.

2. Also I request for some CSM specialists to please look at the attached document and comment whether the config looks right for what the customer wants to achieve.

3. I am not sure why the customer wants the .51 server never to be accessed when .50 is up and running. He wants .51 server to be accessed if and only if .50 server is down.

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Re: Help required with CSM config?

you said the csm is not connected to the server vlan. So, you should not configure a vlan 12 on the CSM. Especially if you want your traffic to go through a firewall. Connecting the csm to vlan 12 would be a way to bypass the firewall.

So, what you need is a route on an existing csm vlan to reach the servers via the firewall.

Then, your customer clearly asked to have .51 as a backup of .50.

So you need 2 serverfarms.

One with onle server .50 and one with only server .51.

You then configure the serverfarm .50 with serverfam .51 as backup.

The 2nd would kick in only if .50 is down.

You need predictor leastconn or roundrobin so destination nating can occur.

The 'replicate' commands are used when you need stateful redundancy. They tell the CSM to replicate the information to the standby.

Finally, bridge mode is not related to the ip addresses used for vip and real.

You are in bridge mode when the CSM is configured with the same ip on 2 different vlans. In this case, the CSM will BRIDGE between those 2 vlans.

The only url pointer I could give is the csm documentation guide. You may want to read it through to get yourself familiar with all the possible functions like backup serverfarm or replicate.


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