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How I can see the amount of sticky entries exist on CSM

Hi everyone,

I would like to know how I can see the amount of sticky entries exist on CSM.

I understand I can not see the amount of sticky entries by executing one "show"

command on Cat6k/CSM.

So I have to calculate several output of "show ip slb sticky" to see it.

However, I would like to get it by simple way.

So I tried the following test by using SNMP (SNMP-GET point to several instance

of "slbStats", of

Client ----- CSM ----- Server

1: Reboot CSM to clear/initialize sticky table

2: Client send ping to Server to confirm that the result of counter of "slbStats"

remains zero (0).

In this case, I understand CSM should not create an entry on sticky table because

the packet pass through CSM is not either TCP or UDP.

3: Then I tried to SNMP-GET to CSM point to several instance of "slbStats"

The result of this SNMP-GET is as follows:

Before sending ping

slbStatsCreatedConnections.2 : 0

slbStatsCreatedHCConnections.2 : 0

slbStatsEstablishedConnections.2 : 0

slbStatsEstablishedHCConnections.2 : 0

slbStatsDestroyedConnections.2 : 0

slbStatsDestroyedHCCConnections.2 : 0

After sending ping

slbStatsCreatedConnections.2 : 4

slbStatsCreatedHCConnections.2 : 4

slbStatsEstablishedConnections.2 : 1

slbStatsEstablishedHCConnections.2 : 1

slbStatsDestroyedConnections.2 : 3

slbStatsDestroyedHCCConnections.2 : 3

I wonder why all of above MIB objects are increased despite of the packets pass

through CSM are ICMP.

So I can not determine whether I should use this method (using SNMP) or not to

see correct value of the amount of sticky entries

And I would like to know alternative method to see it by SNMP or other simple way.

Your information would be greatly appreciated

Cisco Employee

Re: How I can see the amount of sticky entries exist on CSM

You're assumption is wrong, the CSM will count ICMP as a connection.

You can do a 'sho mod csm X conn detail' and you should see an entry [assuming the icmp traffic hit a vserver].

About the stats you are looking for, is it the number of sticky entries or the number of connections ? These are 2 different things.

You can easily get the number of sticky entries with the command

sho mod csm X sticky config

The column "CurrConns" is actually the number of sticky entries.

Regarding the counter, you should capture a CSM portchannel trace, to make sure that no other traffic is hitting the CSM during your test.



Re: How I can see the amount of sticky entries exist on CSM

Hi Gilles,

Thank you very much for your pointing and suggestion and I am sorry for my delay response.

I understand there are two kind of CLI on CSM depend on using CSM mode or RP mode.

- show command begins with "show ip slb" when using CSM mode (ip slb mode csm)

- show command begins with "show mode csm x" when using RP mode (ip slb mode rp)

And "show mod csm x sticky config" command can be done on RP mode only.

So I tried to "show ip slb sticky config" command on CSM mode, but I could not find

"config" argument as follows,


ct65svf1#sh ip slb sticky ?

client sticky associated with a specific client IP address

groups list configured sticky groups

| Output modifiers

ct65svf1#sh ip slb sticky


So I think, on CSM mode, I can not calculate the amount of sticky entry by executing one

show command.

Is my understanding correct ?

Best regards,

Cisco Employee

Re: How I can see the amount of sticky entries exist on CSM

the 'ip slb' mode is for IOS SLB.

That does not involved a CSM.

If you select 'ip slb mode csm', it means the IOS SLB will be disabled and the IOS SLB commands will be used to configure the CSM.

This mode is deprecated so.

So, if you have a CSM, you should not use the 'ip slb' commands.


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