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How to load-balance LotusNotes "Sametime" with CSS11500

I have 2 redundant CSS since a while, working fine. Recently I wanted to add load-balancing for the Chat service of LotusNotes Sametime. The problem is that the chat conversations are disconeected some how. On a first configuration, I didn't configure sticky mode on this content. Since then I added sticky mode "srcip" and a long sticky timeout (600 mn or 10 h.). But th eproblem is still the same. Can someone help ? Thank you. note : you'll find attached the configuration for the chat content.


Re: How to load-balance LotusNotes "Sametime" with CSS11500


The CSS 11500 uses the ArrowPoint Content Aware (ACA) service to gather response time data for every flow for building statistical averages/variances for every service and content rule. The best servers are used, while the slow servers are pruned from the eligible list. This service also can manage persistent connections for e-commerce based on IP addresses (range), Secure Socket Layer (SSL) application IDs, and cookies.

As you are having only 2 servers for load-balance.

As your keepalive time is 30 sec which is quite high.

I suppose you should change your keepalive frequency 30 to

keepalive frequency 5

try this


using the default values of a 5-second keepalive frequency interval, a 5-second retry period interval, and maximum of three failures, a service can transition from the alive state to the dead state in 15 seconds; a 5-second interval between a keepalive response and the initial keepalive failure based on the keepalive frequency, and two failures, each occurring at 5-second intervals based on the retry period.

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Re: How to load-balance LotusNotes "Sametime" with CSS11500

thank you for your update Sachin.

but I have many other services on this CSS, all with a 30 second keepalive frequency.

My question was more about what TCP ports do you suggest to load-balance in order to have LotusNotes "SAMETIME" chat & meeting functionalities to work fine ?

Do I have to use persistence between the different services and how ?


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