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How to load balance two CCS 111520?

I have got two CCS 111520. One is working, the other is spare, which I want to make it work as warm backup or load balance to the other. Could you please tell me how? Thanks.

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Re: How to load balance two CCS 111520?

Tony, there is a pretty good doco on 'fault taulerance'.

Please check it out and let us know if it is what you were looking for.

*To set up a load balance solution would be a bit more complex but it can be done. Check the following url:

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Re: How to load balance two CCS 111520?

Thanks. The articles are useful but not the exact solution we wanted. I have actually founf the right solution by reading the CSS Advanced Configuration Guide. What's more, I found the diagram on the pdf document according to is distorted and illegible. Could you help correct it please? Thanks.


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Re: How to load balance two CCS 111520?

This solution uses redundancy, this is fairly slow (convergence in case of a fault is above 20 sec).

I would suggest that you try and use virtual routers (convergence time is less that 2 sec, except if the fault occured because of a layer 2 event, then the convergence time is whatever the convergence time is for spanning-tree)

It's actually really simple, just make sure you apply the correct critical-service (so you don't get asymetric routing), also priorities and preempting should be correct (again to prevent asymetric routing).

You can make it real simple, with only 1 outside vlan and 1 inside vlan - I've personally choosen to use 2 outside and multiple inside, but this is because we have a dual redundant backbone, where odd vlans are root on one switch, and even on the other. This setup gives me the most total bandwidth to the CSS boxes and from them to the frontends, it also enables both boxes to be active at all times.

There is one catch if you choose a 2 (or more) outside vlan approch, you will need to have "redundancy-l4-stateless" on all content rules, othervise all sessions will terminate if the VIP changes from one box to the other (I think they said that WebNS would get flow replications as a feature, but no ETA yet)

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