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how to monitor ACE connexions with SNMP ?


I'm trying to monitor through MRTG the connections of my ACE : active connections, new connections per second, new SSL connections per second.

I tried making a custom MRTG script with OIDs but it doesn't seems to work

I'm really confused with OIDs to put : for example, finding current connections seems to be OID (slbVServerNumberOfConnections, found in or the Cisco SNMP Navigator), and it seems to work with snmpwalk.

In the other hand, I've found a script with OID but I can't find it with the Cisco SNMP Navigator ? But a snmpwalk responds with a Gauge32 = 13

I'm a little confused here, does anyone has a MRTG script or something to help ?

Thanks !

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how to monitor ACE connexions with SNMP ?

slbVServerNumberOfConnections seems to be the correct OID. Try to make a snmpwalk on this oid, most probably you will receive a reply like:

slbVServerNumberOfConnections.MagicNumber1 = XXX

slbVServerNumberOfConnections.MagicNumber2 = YYY

The MagicNumber should be an index of the rserver.

After that, try snmpget on:


snmpwalk should be used when testing, snmpget when you have the exact oid which works for your device.

It should work.

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how to monitor ACE connexions with SNMP ?

Absolutely, snmpwalk with this OID works

I so do have to look OIDs in CISCO-SLB-MIB, not in CISCO-SLB-EXT-MIB, that's one lesson from here

But is it normal that my OID class stops at subindex .15 ?

The EstablishedConnections (interresting for me because I think this represents the number of simultaneous connections on the ACE) is on subindex .19 !

And the problem - for me - is that I can't find useful information here : there is a difference between established connections and new connections, and even new HTTP connections and HTTPS connections.

The other big problem is about the second OID I've found : it seems to work (at least I have something) but I can't find it in SLB_MID nor in SLB_EXT_MIB.


how to monitor ACE connexions with SNMP ?

Another thing to consider for the ACE is that it has a flexible XML API interface with which you can query.  While many tools are set up for SNMP out of the box, if you can pass it a value from a script to your charting tool instead, you may be able to easily get the data you need from CLI commands via the XML interface.  If I end up struggling with getting the right OID's - or getting info not readily available through SNMP - I find this method to be quite helpful!

Good luck!


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how to monitor ACE connexions with SNMP ?

Thanks Matt, I'll take a look at that.

However, if someone has something for me within these OID or MRTG scripts, it would be great too


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