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How to pick up WCCP redirect out interface

There are two 6500 core switches and firewall modules in our network environemnt.we use the same ISP as internal (between branches each other)and internet connection.The all traffics of internet will be gone through the same firewall module in our data center. We also use the same L2 switch (for internal and internet) to uplick our ISP.For using WCCP,we have to pickup an internafce as redirect interface.We know that the 'ip wccp web-cache redirect out' command must be implemented on the

outbound interface going to the Internet.But how to choose ounbound interface in our environment? how about the port connect to L2 switch? but it included in internal and inertnet traffic. Could you give me some advice? Thanks a lot!


Re: How to pick up WCCP redirect out interface

For web cache confoguration guide

For WAAS you want to ip wccp 62 redirect on the link that connect to the FW, this is basically your wan access. On 6500s the redirect statement goes on each of the vlan interfaces where ports incoming / outgoing ports belong to.

All traffic entering the FW and being forwarded to the switch get redirected to the cache device. For access vlans IP WCCP 61 redirect in on the user vlan interfaces.

On 6500s it is not recommended to use outbound redirection, has been known to cause increased CPU utilization.

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Re: How to pick up WCCP redirect out interface

Thanks for your help!

But in our environment, we did not use WAAS.

How to confirm outbound interface? If we did not pick up 6500 interface, do we have anther choice? thanks again!


Re: How to pick up WCCP redirect out interface

can you send me the topology and config?

If your topology is as follows

FW <-> 6500<-> user access then vlans for coennection between FW and then user access

Are you using ACNS?

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Re: How to pick up WCCP redirect out interface

please see your cisco email,thanks!

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